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Kayak Fishing Articles

Here are a few articles to help you enjoy kayak fishing.

Fishbites: Fish Food For Thought - Get the lowdown on how the revolutionary scented bait Fishbites is engineered in St. Augustine, FL.

How It's Made: DOA Lures - I had the pleasure of visiting the manufacturing site for DOA Lures here in Jacksonville, FL and they were nice enough to show me how DOA Shrimp and other soft plastics are made and to share it in pictures.

Fishing Florida's First Coast - Capt. Rich Santos of FlyFishJax.Com shares his take on Northeast Florida as published in The Fisherman February 2010.

Kayak Fishing Cayo Costa - Zsolt "Hitman" Takacs writes about Caya Costa park in Florida, where he makes his annual pilgrimmage for kayak fishing and camping paradise.

In The Thick Of It - Paddle or pedal kayak anglers are pumped over Florida's First Coast. From the January/February issue of Florida Sportfishing Magazine.

My First Tarpon In The Yak - Zsolt "Hitman" Takacs shares a great story on his first close encounter with the Silver King.

Kayak Fishing Florida's First Coast - Jacksonville, home of Florida's First Coast, has always been known for its outstanding inshore and offshore fishing. With over 68 miles of Atlantic Ocean coastline and 400 miles of river, intra-costal waterways (ICW), creeks, lakes, and ponds, Jacksonville has as diverse a fishery as any locale. Combine that fishery with great weather and plentiful access to water and you have perhaps one of the best places to kayak fish in the entire country.

Kayak Fishing With The Kids - One of life's joys is going fishing with a kid, and kayak fishing is no different. Watching a child hook up with a fish and experience the thrill of the fight is one of those moments that parents treasure. I know because my son, Wyatt, loves to come fishing with me on our kayak, and the pleasure is just as much mine as it is his...

Kayak Fishing Offshore - Kayak fishing in the ocean and targeting big game like Tarpon is a whole different ballgame than fishing inshore. Granted here on the east coast we don't have the monster surf or cold water our yak fishing comrades experience on the west coast, but fishing in the Atlantic has its own challenges that kayak anglers need to consider.

How To Choose A Fishing Kayak - One of the most common and first questions asked by most people getting into kayak fishing is "how do I choose a fishing kayak?". In this article we will discuss the relevant features and things to look for, but the best answer is to figure which fishing kayak is the best one for YOU. Kayaks are like cars, and everyone has different styles, sizes, types of fishing, and waters they frequent, so while there is no single kayak that is best for everyone there most certainly is a kayak that is right for you.

How To Rig And Equip A Fishing Kayak - Before fishing-specific kayak models were available rigging a kayak for fishing was a creative do-it-yourself process where a little ingenuity, a milk crate, and some bungee cords went a long way. Although designs have evolved to offer more fishing-friendly features and storage options, it is still an art form that is primarily driven by personal preference and convenience.

Kayak Fishing For Flounder - Flounder are one of the most challenging fish to target in Northeast Florida from a kayak. These yummy wild looking fish are crafty, sneaky, ambush predators and will test all your skills from how to equip your kayak, rig your tackle, fish for the bite, work the fight, and finally land the fish.

Cold Weather Kayak Fishing In Florida - One of the best parts of living in North Florida is that our climate enables us to fish all year including winter. And although our winter weather isn't as moderate as South Florida, as long as the air temperature gets into the upper 40s or low 50s for a daily high then there are plenty of critters to be caught. In this article we'll explore how to gear up for the cold weather, what areas to focus on, and the species to target.

Kayak Fishability: To Paddle Or Pedal? - Bud Light has Drinkability but in this article we're going to consider the Fishability of paddle and pedal propelled kayaks. Thanks to the Hobiecat Company, the pioneer of pedal-driven kayaks, and the recent designs from Native Watercraft kayak fishermen now have several human-powered options to consider in how to move their kayaks in the water.

Kayak Fishing Etiquette - All too often we all hear the horror stories about that dadgum kayak fisherman who was on my spot or that dang boater who blew through the creek without considering the kayakers they almost hit or waked. No question there's plenty of blame to go around regardless of the vessel you fish from, so this month we're going to talk about kayak fishing etiquette although most of this applies to anglers in any vessel.

Kayak Fishing For Kingfish - Summer is here and whether you are fishing in the Atlantic or the Gulf coast of Florida that means it's time to target Scomberomorous cavalla, better known as King Mackerel or Kingfish. Kayaks are a great slow trolling platform for targeting Kings anywhere from right behind the breakers off the beach out to about 2 miles offshore. The biggest challenges for kayak anglers seeking Kingfish is the surf launch/recovery, managing the hookup, and finally dealing with landing and handling the fish after the fight.

Kayak Fishing For Tarpon - There's no question that the ultimate big game fish for kayak anglers on the southeastern seaboard is the Tarpon (Megalops atlanticu), a.k.a. the Silver King or Poon. Nothing will get your juices going like being in a thick pogie (menhaden) pod seeing actively feeding tarpon crash through bait, skyrocket, and roll right around the kayak. Catching and releasing a tarpon is not for the beginner kayak fisherman, so take the necessary precautions. The content of this article is the product of advice from a lot of seasoned fishermen and our own experiences.

Kayak Fishing For Bull Reds - If you like catching extreme fish in your kayak, the bull redfish spawn in the fall is a great time to have some extreme fun. From the first full moon of September through the middle of October redfish are actively spawning in the St. John's River. While any redfish over the Florida slot limit of 27" could be considered a bull red, most bull reds are anywhere from 35"-50" long and from 20-45lbs in weight.

Species Fishing Technique Series - The South Carolina Marine Resources Research Division has a great set of articles on catching Redfish, Spotted Seatrout, Flounder, and Sheepshead that are a great source of information on fishing techniques and the species lifecyles.

Kayak Fishing Tournaments 2009 How To And Where To - Over the last few years the number of kayak fishing tournaments throughout the state of Florida has increased quite a bit, and this month we'll take a look at how to fish them successfully and which events should be on your radar.

2008 Jacksonville Kayak Fishing Classic - Does It Get Any Better Than This? - Ever since the first Jacksonville Kayak Fishing Classic we have been surprised and thrilled with the growth and participation of our favorite recreational activity. Each year as the Classic has grown we keep telling ourselves it just can't get any bigger or better, yet every year more and more people and sponsors participate. 2008 was no different - when we had over 200 registered 4 months in advance, we knew it was going to be huge and ultimately 340 anglers enjoyed another world-class event.

Fishing For Paddlers: Two Markets Vie For Kayak Anglers - Kayak fishing is striking a nerve deep in the paddlesports industry -- it is the largest growth sector of the fishing and paddlesports markets and its impact is like two huge waves finding out they are both in the same pond. Check out Mike Kogan's cover story in the 2006 summer issue of Paddlesports Business.

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