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Kayak Fishing ICW Beach Blvd to JTB
Destination: ICW from Beach Blvd south to JTB. Cradle Creek, Sandy Run Creek, Cut Creek, and other unnamed creeks.

Directions: There is 1 public access to get to the creeks and water between Beach Blvd. and JTB, the Beach Blvd public ramp (COJ) near Beach Marine on the northeast side of the ICW.

Description: Good fishing has been found at just about all the locations along this stretch of the ICW. Cradle Creek and the creek across the ditch labeled C2 are well-protected and not too far from the bridge. We have heard good reports of fishing in the basin of Isle of Palms as well. Cut Creek down near JTB has some beautiful water but is more of a paddle. Sandy Run Creek actually goes further southwest of the Isle of Palms South basin than the map shows, and if you take the westernmost finger of the Isle of Palms South basin and go north you will encounter another small creek called Open Creek. The unnamed creeks marked C1 and C3 also look interesting.

Difficulty: Moderate. You must embark on a somewhat significant paddle to get to the creeks of interest. If you launch from L1 at the Beach Marine ramp you need an incoming tide to get to locations south of Beach Blvd, and an outcoming tide to return. Beware the currents under the Beach Blvd

bridge. Once you are clear of the bridge you can work south even against an outgoing tide by staying in the creeks and cuts on the east side.

Closest Bait&Tackle Shop: Rick's Bait&Tackle.

Launches: There is only 1 public launch, the Beach Marine ramp (L1). There is plenty of water, facilities are excellent, plenty of secure parking, and access to bait shops. If anyone finds any launch in the Isle of Palms area or access along JTB please let us know. There's some great water down here and unless you know someone it can be a longish paddle.

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