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Kayak Fishing at Guana Lake Six Mile Landing
Destination: Guana Lake at Six Mile Landing.

Directions: Six Mile Landing is located on A1A in south Ponte Vedra.

Description: Guana Lake extends from the Six Mile Landing down to the Guana Dam approximately six miles to the south. Most paddlers launch from SML and paddle west then work south to the observation tower and beyond. Redfish and trout are common catches in Guana. Most paddlers stay to the middle of the lake since it has a healthy population of alligators, that favor the banks of the lake. If you paddle towards the north where the water has lower salt content you may also catch bass.

Difficulty: Easy. Beware of alligators.

Closest Bait&Tackle Shop: Fisher's Tacklebox, Rick's Bait&Tackle.

Launches: The six mile launch is the only available ramp this far north in the Guana Preserve. There is plenty of water and relatively secure parking. Be aware that from about mid-March to early June, the water is drawn down. Launching and landing can become extremely difficult and muddy. However, the bait becomes highly concentrated with obvious results!

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