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Kayak Fishing at Hannah Mills Creek
Destination: Hannah Mills Creek

Directions: Hannah Mills Creek is north of Heckscher Dr, west of Sister's Creek and the Ferry. You can reach it via the Ferry and heading west, or 9A taking Heckscher Dr exit east.

Description: Hannah Mills Creek is a huge area situated between Sister's Creek (ICW) and Cedar Point Creek. It is relatively wide open area filled with small islands, finger creeks, sand bars, and oyster beds. There is also a westerly section marked on the map as Hannah West that has some great creeks too. Hannah is known for it's Reds and Trout, although you will find other species as well. Make sure you take your time and explore all the tiny creeks and you will be rewarded with plenty of action -- an awesome place to fish with tons of great water.

Difficulty: Easy paddle.

Closest Bait&Tackle Shop: White Shell Fish Camp

Launches: There are 3 launches accesible for kayak fishing.

  • L1 - Area on the north of the bridge immediately west of White Shell fish camp. There is room to park 6-8 cars here behind a guard rail that separates the spot from traffic on Heckscher Dr. At low tide there can be a lot of mud to walk through so plan your paddle accordingly.
  • L2 - Area at the back of Kingfish Park behind the picnic tables and playground at the old dilapidated docks. When the main ramp at Sister's Creek is busy this is an alternate launch for kayaks. Although parking is plentiful and secure the problem with this launch is you must walk or tote your yak and gear about 100 yards from the parking to the launch spot -- this is really no problem if you have wheels and rig at the car. From this launch you can work up through Sister's Creek to the north then cross over into Hannah Mills or just proceed directly west.
  • L3 - This is the main ramp at Sister's Creek for boats. Parking is plentiful with good security and full facilities. To reach Hannah Mills you must go north in Sister's Creek then paddle west.

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