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Kayak Fishing at Huguenot Park
Destination: Atlantic Ocean, St. John's North Jetty, and Ft. George Inlet/River.

Directions: Huguenot Memorial Park (COJ) is located off A1A just east of the ferry dock. It costs $.50 to enter the park, and park hours are 8am-8pm. If you want to enter before 8am, you must prepurchase a book of camping tickets that will gain you access at 6am. Huguenot is also the only place in Duval county where you can drive onto the beach.

Description: Huguenot Park is situated just north of the St. John's River North Jetty. It has campgrounds, a store, and plenty of facilities. For the yak fisherman it offers direct access to the inside and outside of the north jetty, launch into the Ft. George River Inlet, and the the Atlantic Ocean. The area south of the inlet on the interior is known as the lake and during summer months it is a great location to net finger mullet.

Difficulty: Easy in the inlet lake, Moderate in the Ocean.

Closest Bait&Tackle Shop: White Shell Fish Camp on the north side is to the west of the ferry docks, and B&M Bait&Tackle is on the way to the ferry on the south side.

Launches: There are numerous launch locations in Huegenot Park.

  • L1 - If you are interested in launching into the river just west of the north jetty there are numerous campgrounds where you can drive up and launch.
  • L2 - To launch into the Ocean or directly outside the north jetty you can pull right onto the beach for a relatively easy beach launch. Check the surf before proceeding but you should find launching here to be much easier than in Hanna Park.
  • L3 - This launch will take you into the lake just south of the Ft. George River inlet
  • L4 - This is the Alimacani COJ Boat Ramp that takes you into the base of the Ft. George River. It has ample parking and a minimal launch for canoes, kayaks, and small boats.

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