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Kayak Fishing ICW JTB South
Destination: ICW south of J. Turner Butler Blvd (JTB), Cabbage Creek, Pablo Creel, and Cut Creek.

Directions: The only semi-close public access to get to the water south of JTB is the Beach Blvd public ramp (COJ) near Beach Marine on the northeast side of the ICW up at Beach Blvd.

Description: Cabbage Creek is a great spot to fish, with many deep holes over 20' deep. The JTB bridge itself is also known to hold fish, and the currents are not too bad outside the channel under the pilings. Pablo Creek on the west side of the ditch has some deep holes, and some nice fingers creeks to explore. Cut Creek works from north of the bridge to the south then east, and it is very protected and enjoyable to fish.

Difficulty: Moderate. You must embark on a somewhat significant paddle to get to this area. If you launch from the Beach Marine ramp you need an incoming tide to get to locations south of JTB, and an outcoming tide to return. Beware the currents under the Beach Blvd bridge and under the JTB bridge in the main channel.

Closest Bait&Tackle Shop: Rick's Bait&Tackle. Right next to the Beach Marine ramp on the east side.

Launches: There is only 1 public launch, the Beach Marine ramp. There is plenty of water, facilities are excellent, plenty of secure parking, and access to bait shops. If anyone finds any launch in the Oak Landing area, access along JTB, or any access that is not too much farther south please let us know. There's some great water down here and unless you know someone it can be a longish paddle.

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