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Kayak Fishing at Oak Harbor
Destination: Oak Harbor, Cemetery Creek, Garden Creek, Boathouse Creek

Directions: The Oak Harbor Ramp (COJ) is in a subdivision across Mayport Rd from B&M Bait & Tackle. Take Montreal St. off Mayport Rd., proceed to Green Cay Ave and turn right. Take your next left onto Seaway St. and the ramp is at the end of the street.

Description: Oak Harbor is a great launch into a number of excellent kayak fishing destinations with a minimal paddle. Situated on the east side of the ICW south of the Little Jetties area, Oak Harbor offers easy access for fishing Cemetery Creek, Garden Creek, Boathouse Creek, or even De Blieu Creek to the south.

Difficulty: Easy. Most of the water in the area is well-protected from wind so paddling is easy.

Closest Bait&Tackle Shop: B&M Bait&Tackle.

Launches: The only launch is the boat ramp, L1 in the picture. Parking is relatively secure -- there are usually a number of cars with their boat trailers as this is a pretty popular ramp. Low tides can be an issue in some of the skinny water south in the Garden Creek area immediately to the paddler's left as you depart the ramp cove. Even at low tide there is plenty of water in the main channel leading to the ICW, in the Pablo Creek area en route to Boathouse Creek, and in Cemetery Creek.

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