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Kayak Fishing at Sawpit Creek
Destination: Sawpit Creek, Gunnison Creek, Gunnison Cut, Nassau Sound.

Directions: Sawpit Creek is at the very north end of the ICW before it dumps into the Nassau Sound. Take A1A north to the public ramp at the north end of Big Talbot Island just before crossing the bridge over the Nassau Sound.

Description: Sawpit Creek runs south from the Nassau Sound through the ICW. There are several finger creeks in the area, and some great drops which make trout fishing popular. Gunnison Creek is further to the south in the ICW, just north of Gunnison Cut.

Difficulty: Moderate to Hard. From the launch at L1 there are often ripping currents in this portion of the ICW with large volumes of water moving in and out. Also you are paddling against the tides if you are trying to fish the outgoing tide. There can also be significant boat traffic in the area so caution is advised.

Closest Bait&Tackle Shop: Amelia Bait&Tackle.

Launches: The single launch (L1) directly into the Sawpit is from the public launch on the north end of Big Talbot Island. There is a $3-4 put in fee that is collected via the honor system. There is ample parking but this is a high use single ramp on weekends.

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