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Kayak Fishing at The Talbot Islands
Destination: Simpson Creek and Myrtle Creek.

Directions: Simpson Creek and Myrtle Creek are between Little Talbot Island and Big Talbot Island off of A1A between Jacksonville and Amelia Island. Take A1A north, past Huegenot Park. If you are going to launch into Myrtle Creek at L4 your destination is the Little Talbot Island campgrounds, which are across A1A from the Little Talbot Park Ranger Station. If your destination is Simpson Creek continue another mile farther north on A1A, and the L1, L2, and L3 destinations are around the bridge separating the islands.

Description: Simpson Creek runs between Long Island and Big Talbot Island from the Ft. George River to the Nassau Sound. Myrtle Creek runs from the south end of Simpson Creek, between Long Island and Little Talbot Island north to the upper part of Simpson Creek. The fishing and scenery in this area are spectacular. There are finger creeks, lots of flooded grass at high tide, and tons of oyster beds. There are also some sandy beaches and somewhat solid bottom in some spots if you want to get out and stretch or wade. The portion of Myrtle north of the launch at the Little Talbot Campgrounds up past A1A can be quite muddy at low tide, so don't get stuck there without any water.

Difficulty: Easy. From L1, L2, L3 south to the Ft. George River area is about 30-40 min paddle, and heading north to the sound is quite a bit farther, so plan accordingly. On an outgoing tide the water mostly runs north towards the sound, and south on an incoming tide.

Closest Bait&Tackle Shop: To the north on A1A is Amelia Bait&Tackle. If you are coming from the south via the ferry stop by B&M Bait&Tackle. If you are coming east on Heckscher Dr. along the northside then White Shell Fish Camp is on the way.

Launches: There are four launch locations for kayak fishing depending on where and when you want to fish.

  • L1, L2 - These are located at Kayak Amelia, which is the concession for Little Talbot Park. About 1 mile past the Little Talbot Park entrance you will come to the bridge and KayakAmelia (aka Long Island Outfitters) is on the left. They have 2 launches - L1 is a nice gravel launch that usually has plenty of water. In the event it doesn't have enough water there is a floating dock available at L2. KayakAmelia is part of the state park system and it is only open between 9am and 5pm. There is a $1 launch fee. It has full facilities, great parking, kayak tours, kayak rentals, and a store. Call ahead to check their hours as they do change seasonally. They are located midway between the Ft. George River and the Nassau Sound so you can work either end of Simpson Creek from this launch.
  • L3 is an alternate launch on the northwest side of the bridge just past KayakAmelia on A1A. It is preferred when you want to launch outside KayakAmelia's hours of operation although FL DOT has put a bunch of debris in the way that limits parking and access - parking is at your own risk.
  • L4 is a canoe/kayak launch at the Little Talbot campgrounds across the street from the entrance to Little Talbot Island park. There is a $4 fee to enter the park and you must get the lock code from the park station on the east side of A1A. Beware the area to the north of the launch in Myrtle Creek can be quite muddy at low tide.

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