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Kayak Fishing at North Sister's Creek/Cedar Point
Destination: Sister's Creek, Horseshoe Creek, Garden Creek, Mud River, Broward Creek.

Directions: Sister's Creek is the portion of the ICW that runs from the intersection of the St. John's River up to where the Ft. George River joins the ICW. North Sister's Creek is the portion accesible from the launch at Cedar Point. To get there you must take Heckscher Dr. to New Berlin Rd, follow New Berlin north past the power plant and the Jax Gun Club, then make a right on Cedar Point Rd and follow it to the end. Take the dirt road on the left and proceed to the end. There is no question that this is a long drive but it enables you to fish a lot of great water.

Description: North Sister's Creek gives the paddler great access to the creeks near the intersection of the ICW and the Ft. George River. At Cedar Point you will put into Horseshoe Creek just south of where the Ft. Geroge River joins the ICW. Just across the ICW to the north is Garden Creek which runs south on the east side of the ICW. To the south in the ICW is the north

entrance to Cedar Point Creek, which progresses to the south and west until it hits Heckscher Dr. just to the west of the Hannah Mills area. To the north past the Ft. Geroge River on the west side of the ICW is Broward Creek, and on the east side of the ICW is the Mud River.

Difficulty: Moderate. Paddling this area is actually pretty easy, however there are some spots out in the ICW and in the Ft. George River intersection that are exposed to wind and may have swift currents.

Closest Bait&Tackle Shop: Whichever one is on your way.

Launches: There is one launch for kayak fishing.

  • L1 - This is the launch at Cedar Point at the end of Cedar Point Rd. Go all the way to the end of the road, then turn left on the dirt road and drive back about 100 yards. There is a good kayak put-in on the left near some old pilings with a very short walk. There is also an improved small trailer launch. The area is relatively safe and protected however unmonitored. There are no facilities but there is plenty of parking, an information board, and a couple of trash cans. In warmer weather it can be buggy, so have your bug spray on hand.

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