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Kayak Fishing at West Chicopit Bay
Destination: West Chicopit Bay, Mt. Pleasant Creek, Colorinda Creek, Buckhorn Creek, Mud Flats Creek.

Directions: The west portion of the Chicopit Bay is at the southwest corner of the intersection of the St. Johns River and the ICW. It can be reached by a 20 minute westerly paddle from a launch at Little Jetties Park, or a 20-30 minute southerly paddle from a launch at the Sister's Creek Ramp (COJ) off of Heckscher Dr on the north bank of the river.

Description: West Chicopit Bay and the neighboring creeks are one of Jacksonville's top fishing destinations. The bay is accessed from either the ICW, or an approach through the feeder creeks to the north from the river (the backside approach). The bay itself has a massive sandbar and mud flat at the ICW entrance, and has plenty of flats, grass, oyster beds, and peripheral creeks that usually are chock full of good fish. Colorinda Creek is in the northwest corner near the backside approach from the river. Mud Flats creek is towards the back westerly portion, and Mt. Pleasant Creek works south from the back of the bay. Buckhorn Creek is also in the area, located just south of the West Chicopit opening in the ICW.

Difficulty: Moderate. Since you must traverse either the ICW or the river to get into the West Chicopit, this is a moderate to difficult paddle. While there's no white water, since you are coming through the area where the river intersects the ICW there can be significant wakes, ripping currents, and adverse conditions. Make sure you have your safety equipment! Once you get into the West Chicopit the waters are much calmer and the paddling is easy, although a kicking wind can make things difficult out in the exposed area of the bay itself. Once you get into the creeks you are afforded quite a bit of protection from any heavy winds.

Closest Bait&Tackle Shop: B&M Bait&Tackle if you launch from Little Jetties Park, White Shell Fish Camp if you launch from Sister's Creek to the north.

Launches: There is one primary launch area at Little Jetties park that is easily accesible for kayak fishing. Otherwise launch at Sister's Creek Ramp (COJ) and paddle south. Be careful if you are up the small creeks while the tide is going out -- you might find yourself having to get out and drag the kayak across sand bars and oyster beds to get back to the creek mouth.

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